The computer client

IVMS Client (Intelligent vehicle monitoring system)




Through this platform, wireless remote real-time video monitoring, GPS map positioning, historical track playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage, remote video recording, remote video downloading,remote video playback, equipment area management and remote upgrading can be realized.






GPS Tracking

Synchronous updating with Baidu map and Google map, exact positioning of vehicle location, click on e-map to display the location of all the online vehicles;click on the vehicle icon to display vehicle information, including vehicle location, vehicle speed, storage media statusand so on.

Real-time video function

Customers can preview vehicle video info remotely at any time by real time preview function, which also shows the geographic position of vehicles. Real time preview can choose fluency and real-time. Default setting is to chose fluency. 

Tracking display

Track playback function is to select a certain period of time, then reproduce the track in this period of time, every few seconds the next track point appears, different track pointsconsist a continuous track line.

Track playback checking has three characteristics, one is the current speed, second is the location and the third is vehicle status. When emergency happens, evidence can be tracked according to the data.



Video playback

Video playback is to select a certain time, select the location where video saved, file type (video, photo), video type (general, alarm) to search, thus get the corresponding period of video information.

Video playback function has three characteristics, one is free to select the time period (video type), the second is free to download, the third is to remotely playback video. Usually in emergencies the video data can be viewed to get knowledge of the scene.



Picture Snapshot

Alarm capture support manual IO, emergency button, motion detection, temperature and other alarm capture.The channel video will be linked and showed in IVMS client once alarm triggers, so that alarm time can be recorded. Alarm also with a video feature to prevent the loss of key evidence when emergency happens, which informs monitoring center an emergency happens as well, thus to make assistance more convenient.