3G Mobile DVR for Vehicles fleet tracking

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Mobile DVR Model: JH4-HD-GWW (GPS+3G+WiFi)

Product Features:

  • 4 x 720P AHD / 960H / D1 / HD1 / CIF + 1 x IPC (720P / 1080P) , support 960P AHD camera

  • Built-in 1 x POE(12V) Ethernet Port

  • accept HDD/SSD up to 2 TB Storage, and 1 SD card (up to 128GB) for backup(at 3G/4G/Wi-Fi model option)

  • Internal G-Sensor, with GPS, 3G and Wi-Fi (5.8 Ghz) 

  • WIFI automatic download

  • Anti-Vibration and Anti-Shock under acceleration of 40G ( MIL-STD-810G standard)

  • Hard drive automatic heating startup in -40℃ weather

  • On board UPS 8 seconds delay power-off for data protection

  • Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +80℃

  • 8V-36V wide voltage power supply

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Product Description

The JH4-HD-GWW is a 3G Mobile DVR designed for on-board vehicle recording. It has four ports to record up to four cameras simultaneously and an ethernet port to connect a forward-facing IP camera. The system comes with GPS to record the vehicle location and driving route as well. Footage records onto an included 2TB hard disk with backup recording (128GB) onto 1 SD card. With a solid and compact build, the JH4-HD-GWW is vibration-proof, installation-friendly and combines powerfulfunctions together with a stable performance.

This 3G Mobile DVR is ideal for large-scale fleet applications such as monitoring buses, coaches, car, taxis, lorries, firetrucks, ambulances, passenger vehicles, patrol cars, prison transportation vehicles and emergency response vehicles, etc.TheDVR is equipped with an anti-shock vibration resistant chassis that is built to endure the rigorous bumps and turns of mobilesurveillance applications, to ensure high quality video on-the-go.

The GPS+WiFi+3G option allows the user to use a SIM Card for live remote viewing. This model can also be connected to a WiFi hotspot.

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Are You Always Wondering...

How to get a perfect fleet management solution? 

How to quickly know whether the driver drives illegally? 

How to quickly provide evidence for traffic accident, theft, racketeering, etc.? 


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Icarvisions's Vehicle Mobile DVR System can solve your worries!

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Achieve remote monitoring by Vehicle Mobile DVR GPS/ 3G/ 4G/ WiFi, convenient vehicle management on PC/ Mobile phone

The vehicle DVR system Operated with Client Software IVMS (Intelligent Vehicle Management Software) to realize fleet management online, and achieve a full range of car monitoring functions.

Such as real time video & audio monitoring, GPS, car tracking, GEO-Fence, voice intercom, car temperature, alarms customized , driving route record, PTZ control, fuel volume detection, video search and download, generating reports, etc. 

APP <icarview> is available for mobile phones in Android and iOS system. Click here to learn more about Client Software IVMS (Intelligent Vehicle Management Software).  

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3G Mobile DVR for Vehicles:

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3G Mobile DVR of Camera:

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Order model 

  • with 3G / 4G, GPS, WiFi modules optional, according to different demands.

  • GPS: For map, location and route tracking

  • 3G / 4G: For real-time video and monitoring 

  • Wi-Fi: For automatically downloading video file

  • Order Model Description ( Module optional )
    JH4S-NNN Recording Only
    JH4S-GWW GPS+3G+WiFi
    JH4S-GFW GPS+4G+WiFi
    JH4-HD-GFW GPS+4G+WiFi
    JH4-HD-GWW GPS+3G+WiFi
    JH4-HD-NNN V2 Recording Only
    JH4-HD-NNN Recording Only
    JH4-HD-GWN V2 GPS+3G
    JH4-HD-GFN V2 GPS+4G

    Our rugged, high quality mobile DVRs are ideal for monitoring a wide range of vehicles:

    It’s designed for various vehicles management, and widely used in buses, coaches, car, construction machinery, taxis, lorries, fire trucks, ambulances, passenger vehicles, etc.

    Our rugged, high quality mobile DVRs are ideal for monitoring a wide range of vehicles:car,ambulance,police-car,School Bus,taxi,truck,etc.

    Spec Sheet Download

  • Title Type Download
    JH4-HD Mobile DVR Spec Sheet pdf

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