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  • 2023 Video Telematics Solutions at ICARVISIONS

    2023 Video Telematics Solutions at ICARVISIONS

    ICARVISIONS has just released its 2023 Video Telematics Solutions. Let's take a closer look.

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  • Case Study: Law enforcement

    Case Study: Law enforcement

    Police vehicle MDVR monitoring solution with the basic functions for example vehicle tracking and record video in the entire process of the operation. In this way, it can prevent the police from breaking the law and regulations when they handling the incident. All the data can be used as evidence to distinguish responsibilities when police officers conflict with the crowd thus to supervise police officers so it can build a good reputation of the government. With the 4G wireless monitoring system, police officers centre room can check the geographic location and operation status of police cars in real-time through the software, but also have notification when emergencies happened.

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  • Police Car Monitoring Solution

    Police Car Monitoring Solution

    ​Police car plays an important role for the transportation of police and enables the police forces to respond rapidly when an incident happens. ICARVISIONS offers police car tracking and monitoring systems that can track police car, record videos as evidence and transmit videos in real time, ensure the transparency of law enforcement, facilitate the investigation of crimes and etc.

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  • Police Car Monitoring System Solution

    Police Car Monitoring System Solution

    The whole mobile DVR system can be divided into vehicle monitoring systems part, information transfer part, and control platform part. The first part includes MDVR, surveillance cameras, digital radio speaker, LCD display, GPS, 3G / 4G module, fuel sensor, fatigue driving sensor, temperature sensor and emergency button etc., Information transfer communication part include the mobile information delivery and Ethernet / LAN network. The last part includes monitoring software, video walls, user management, streaming media, database, storage servers and other group service.

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