Security China 2016 in BeiJing!

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Thank you for visiting Our Booth at Security China 2016 in BeiJing!

From Oct 25th to 28th ,four days in a hurry through, the spectacular 2016 Security China exhibition was finished perfectly. Icarvisions Technology Co.,LTD harvest quite a lot in the Security exhibition, our happiest thing is the face to face communication with you at the fair. Your every positive eye contact was our continuously energy. Let us review Icarvisions wonderful and bright spots at 2016 Security China exhibition.

Security China 2016 in BeiJing! Picture1

Icarvisions powerful delegation

The exhibition wonderful moments

Security China 2016 in BeiJing! Picture2

In the exhibition, Icarvisions displayed all series of MDVR and vehicle surveillance solutions which attracted a great many visitors in the industry came to consulting.

Security China 2016 in BeiJing! Picture3

Sales elite was explaining products to clients

Security China 2016 in BeiJing! Picture4

Technician was demonstrating to clients

Security China 2016 in BeiJing! Picture5

Security China 2016 in BeiJing! Picture6

Icarvisions staffs hosted every client with the most full of enthusiasm at the 4 days exhibition, we explained our new products and new technologies with patience and meticulous at the fair, like JS2-HD SD card MDVR and JH0 IP67 waterproof MDVR, we look particularly dazzling because of our fancy booth design, fully embody the innovation for the development of the enterprise concept, left deep impression to visitors.

Though the exhibition had a happy ending, but we will continue to word hard, our team will set off on a new journey, constantly showing the strength of the company's products in the form of diversification, we hope more and more clients to know icarvisions products and icarvisions culture by exhibition!

See you next year!

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