AI Applied Mobile DVR

AI has given us a qualitative leap in the security of our daily life. ICARVISIONS is the one of the leading manufacturers of MDVR constantly pursuing innovation and strive to create industry-leading products and services. Therefore, we have developed a new generation of AI-MDVR based on the MDVR products over the past ten years according to the feedback from a large number of customers.

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AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) is a technology for encoding and decoding after the collection of various data. The main purpose is to collect peripheral information and actively display it to the users after analysing. For example, a camera and related sensors are installed on the vehicle to collect data and send it to the AI-MDVR terminal where the system will perform in-depth processing and feedback to the user by video or sound. In this way, the driver can actively be reminded of potential dangers and reducing the probability of accidents. Besides, the AI-MDVR can also send data to the server via 3G/4G/5G to provide full telematics solution. As the leading solution provider, our Ai solutions include ADAS, DSM, BSD and other main functions.

Ai Applied Mobile DVR 2


ADAS not only can bring an auxiliary effect to the driver but also relieves the pressure of the driver to a large extent.


For example, the Forward Collision Warning (Safe Distance Warning) will remind the driver to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. In particular, the system will constantly monitor the vehicles ahead and will send a voice warning to the driver when needed, so it is a vital tool to reduce the probability of collision and ensure safety on road.

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Avoiding pedestrians is a traffic rule that every driver should follow. However, sometimes the driver fails to operate the brakes in advance and hits the pedestrian. But our system will keep sharp eyes on pedestrians and guard the safety for both driver and pedestrian.

Ai Applied Mobile DVR 5 Ai Applied Mobile DVR 6


Lane Departure Warning is particularly important when the vehicle is running on highways. Because when the vehicle is driving at high speed, if the vehicle deviates from the lane, it will be extremely prone to collision accidents, so it is necessary to remind the driver to drive in the correct lane at all the times where our ADAS system equipped with strongest LDW warning in the industry.

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Driver monitoring system plays a very critical role in the monitoring of daily driving behaviour of drivers. We can screen out excellent drivers from the numerous DSM alarm data reports and improve efficient fleet management.

Face recognition can distinguish whether the driver is an authorized driver and upload to the central office.


Fatigued driving is one of the main factors causing traffic accidents. DSM has Yawning Detection that can detect the driver's yawning behaviour, and can also analyse the driver's eyes to determine whether the driver is in a state of fatigue. This system can also detect driver distraction of driving, such as Eyes Closing Detection, Distraction Detection, Driver Absence Detection.

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The transportation of dangerous goods such as tank trucks has strict restrictions on drivers' smoking. Smoking Detection function can accurately detect the driver's smoking behaviour and send it to the platform.

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The phenomenon of using the phone while driving in daily life is very common, and it is also one of the main causes of traffic accidents. The Phone Calls Detection of our system also provides the customer with a great solution.

Ai Applied Mobile DVR 13

In our fleet management, some drivers deliberately blocking the surveillance camera may become a problem. But our system can also determine if the DSM camera is blocked and send out the warning to the driver when it is necessary.


The blind-spot detection function is more effective than the blind spot video display. Because BSD uses sound and light monitoring technology to detect surrounding objects so that drivers have a special channel to perceive the surrounding conditions of the vehicle. Combined with MDVR's I/O linkage blind-spot video display, it can achieve full control of the vehicle.

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CanBus is one of the very important functions for building big data. Our AI-MDVR supports Canbus. From the information obtained from Canbus, the management centre can have good monitoring of the state of the vehicle. In this way, you can have good judgment and take timely inspection and maintenance before the vehicle has problems. This effectively reduces the probability of accidents caused by hardware problems during the driving of the vehicle.

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