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    Model: JAB-G-AProduct DescriptionJAB-G-A is a driving safety warning product designed for commercial vehicles. It includes a front-view dangerous driving warning system based on a monocular camera and...

  • V2 Passenger-Counting Camera (without hosting device)

    V2 Passenger-Counting Camera (without hosting device)

    Product Features:Adopting aerial head video interface, high reliability and strong anti-seismic effect;Good scalability, with one RS485 interface;10V-36V wide voltage DC power supply;Strong seismic re...

  • Navigation Device

    Navigation Device

    Model:Navigation Device1.Product Features:Support 1 SIM card2 channels of 1080P IP Camera inputsSupport Wi-Fi hotspotInternal GPS, 4G and WiFi moduleInternal RFID and NFC card module, PSAM Card slotAn...

  • V1 Passenger Counting System (cameras with hosting device)

    V1 Passenger Counting System (cameras with hosting device)

    1.Product Features:Real-time analysis, relying on 3D stereo vision to achieve two-way counting (in/out), the accuracy of up to 95%;Precision central reporting system, the statistics of real-time traff...

  • Fireproof Black Box for Vehicle

    Fireproof Black Box for Vehicle

    1.Product Features:Fireproof (1100℃-15min) and Waterproof (100M)With super speed USB2.0 portFit for Aviation Round Connector M12-5PINSolid state eMMC memory coreTo connect with PC, DVR, EDR, T-BOXEasy...

  • Panic Button for Driver

    Panic Button for Driver

    Product Features:Metal buttonReal-time video pop-out and snap-shot by alarm linkageto generate alarm reports for search and download1.Wiring GuidanceTo connect thetwo wires of the panic button to the...

  • Temperature Sensor

    Temperature Sensor

    1.Product Features:Operating Voltage:3.5V~5VTemperature distance:1M~500MOperating Temperature Range:-30~+80℃Storage conditions:-10℃~+40℃,Relative Humidity≤75% RHTest temperature accuracy:Computer soft...

  • RFID Reader

    RFID Reader

    1.Product Features:IP65 epoxy resin sealant, water-proof and rain-proof.Communication cable adopted 1.5 m 4 Pin shield cable with 5557-4 connector.Support all types of cards (S50, S70, ULtralight, Des...

  • Press to Talk

    Press to Talk

    Product DetailsPush to Talk over Cellular (PoC) connection,  one-to-many intercomThe Intercom system contains 2 devices, one is "Interphone", the other is "Intercom decoder".1...

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

    Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

    Model: UPS V11.Product Features:IC control technology and multiple protection circuitHigh-efficiency current output, high-capacity branded lithium batteryFriendly and easy to installSpecial vehic...

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