Law enforcement Vehicle monitoring solution

Law enforcement

Law enforcement

  • Case Study: Law enforcement

    Case Study: Law enforcement


    Why do we need MDVR security management for the police vehicle ?Police vehicle MDVR monitoring solution with the basic functions for example vehicle tracking and record video in the entire process of...

  • The new trend of telematics law

    The new trend of telematics law


    In the last few months, we witnessed a severe bus accident in Chongqing, China. And this has occurred to us that Mobile-DVR and telematics play a vital role in this event because the footage evidence...

  • Police Car Monitoring Solution

    Police Car Monitoring Solution


    Police car plays an important role for the transportation of police and enables the police forces to respond rapidly when an incident happens. ICARVISIONS offers police car tracking and monitoring sys...

  • Police Car Monitoring System Solution

    Police Car Monitoring System Solution


    1. Why you have to choose our MDVR but not common mobile DVR from the marketing?1) It is common that video can be store in the memory card in MDVR only but we can not be notified immediately during th...

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