Common faults of surveillance cameras

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1. Infrared hemisphere series machines have poor image illumination, whitening or bright white aperture at night.

This phenomenon is caused by improper assembly of the machine. When the photosensitive device (photoresistor) is too far away from the hemisphere during assembly, the infrared lamp will not start completely.

It causes poor illumination of the machine at night; the phenomenon of white or bright white aperture in the image is mainly caused by the infrared light emitted by the infrared light tube refracted to the lens

This problem is solved by avoiding refracting the infrared light to the lens surface. Generally, a sponge ring is used to isolate the lens from the infrared light.

Make sure the ball cover is close to the sponge ring.

2. The night vision infrared waterproof machine has normal images during the day and whitish at night.

This phenomenon is generally caused by the environment in which the machine is used, or it is used in a small space. It is caused by the reflection of infrared light.

Determine whether there are reflective objects in the use environment, improve the use environment as much as possible, and then check whether the effective infrared distance of the machine is consistent with the actual use distance

Yes; if a long-range infrared machine is used in a small space, the image of the machine will become white due to the strong infrared light.

3. No image

First check whether the polarity of the external power supply is correct and whether the output voltage meets the requirements (power supply error: DC12V ± 10%, AC24V ± 5%

), Next check whether the video connection is good; if you use a manual aperture lens, you need to check whether the aperture is open, and the automatic aperture lens needs to be adjusted.

The LELEVEL potentiometer keeps the aperture in place.

4. Color distortion, color cast

It may be that the white balance switch (AWB) is set improperly, or it may be that the ambient lighting conditions have changed too much.

OFF position, should find ways to improve the lighting conditions of the environment.

5. Images appear distorted or geometrically distorted

This phenomenon may be a problem with the geometric correction circuit of the camera or monitor or a problem with the optical lens.

The characteristic impedance of the device does not match the output impedance of the camera. When the above phenomenon occurs, first check whether the optical lens used is abnormal and the output of the monitor

Check if the impedance switch is set to 75Ω, and then check if the impedance of the video connection cable is 75Ω.


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