How to Install JA-MC818 Camera

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Camera Installation Preparation:

Installation tools and auxiliary materials:

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Installation steps are as follows:

1.Clean the camera bottom base

Use a cleaning cloth, a towel to clean the camera's surface.

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2.Use adhesive

Make sure the camera paste surface is dry, and bring a one-time dining plastic gloves, the adhesive will be prepared evenly coated on the camera paste surface. Wait for about 10 seconds and pay attention to the glue without too much to avoid overflow waste.  

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3.Use 3M sticker

Make 3M stickers and camera pasted and fixed tight, and press for 30 seconds.

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4. Install the camera to the front glass

First use the wipes to make the glass clean and dry, and then paint with a layer of adhesive, after about 10 seconds stick 3M stickers, press 30 seconds.Finally, make camera forced on the glass (slowly press on the glass on one side to avoid the formation of blisters), press 20-30 seconds without moving, after 20-30 seconds, the camera will firmly erect on the glass.

Note: Do not tear off due to the light sticky and not tight, then when try again please ensure to paste it once in place. If you tear off the and paste one more time, you need to use the new 3M stickers, re-follow the installation steps

Installation angle shown as follow:

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