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As our customers, you will always provided you with best services, which including

  • One to one free technical support,

  • Free repair to our faulty manufacture products during the warranty (MDVR WARRANTY PERIOD :15 MONTHS; CAMERA WARRANTY PERIOD: 12 MONTHS)

  • Free and fast upgrade on software,

  • OEM cooperation on customized requirement

  • Confidential agreement

And you will happily to know that all the services above are free.

Since we are the original designer, developer and manufacture of our MDVR, also we design and develop all our software, we have the core original source code of software in hand, so we can add and change any new function on hardware and software flexibly if there is any demand on your OEM project.


1. ICARVISIONS warrants that all Products supplied hereunder shall comply with the industry standards in the People's Republic of China and shall be of merchandisable quality (i.e. fit to do the purpose for which it was supplied) for a period of 15 months from date of first purchase of MDVR, and for a period of 12 months from date of first purchase of other products such as cameras, external sensors etc.  

2. In the event of any breach of  ICARVISIONS warranty set out in Clause 1, whether by reason of defective materials, production faults or otherwise,   ICARVISIONS's liability shall be limited to:

(1) Replacement of the Products in question and/or

(2) at the ICARVISIONS's option, when a quality problem which falls under  ICARVISIONS's responsibility in Product manufacture, the repair of the defective Products and shipping fees from  ICARVISIONS to the original BUYER, however, this warranty will not apply to any faulty Product proven to be damaged by shipping, improper use, storage, disassembly,maintenance of BUYER / USER,or in case of force majeure.  

Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Please confirm with us before your order.

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