Flash Android version

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There are some steps to flash the android  version.

1. Please prepare Serial Cable, Double Head USB Cable as below:

Flash Android version Picture1

2. Connect the JT1 to your PC as below.

Flash Android version Picture2

Flash Android version Picture3

3. Type the flash command via SecureCRTPortable tool.



cd /mnt/app

./FlashDevice 1 &

4. After the command takes effect. The JT1's screen will be black.

The Flash tool MultiDownload_V2.1.exe will also dispaly " READY ".

Note: You can ask our Technical support engineer for the software: MultiDownload_V2.1.exe. SecureCRTPortable and the flash package.

Flash Android version Picture4

5.  MultiDownload_V2.1.exe will display PASS as below  when you finish flash android version.

Flash Android version Picture5


Flash Android version Picture6Flash Android version.docx

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