How much data does a mobile DVR use

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When install a full functional MDVR with GPS, 3G/4G and WiFi in the vehicle, users would usually raise such a question , “how much data does the MDVR use?” This is a very practical question as most of the time the vehicle is running on the road, where WiFi coverage is not available. While in some countries unlimited data plans with sufficient allotment of full-speed cellular dataare affordable, in other regions data traffic could be extremely expensive. Get to know how much data a MDVR consume will help users use the data in a more appropriate way and save costs.

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We are going to discuss two scenarios of data usage today: live video and without live video.

1. Live video

It's difficult to pin down exactly how much data the MDVR will use if you are a heavy user of live video, as the more you turn on the live video, the more data it will consume. Just imaging how much data it will eat up if you keep on watching videos from YouTube on your smart phone.

In this case if inexpensive data plans are available in your region, then you don’t have to worry about the data costs at all. Otherwise the suggestion is that you cutting the use of live video, and turn it on only when it’s necessary. For example, when emergency happens on the road, you will access to the scene in real time.

2. Without live video- GPS only

Now comes the other question: How much data will the MDVR use if we don’t turn on live video at all?

The answer is 30 megabyte (MB), on a monthly basis. Surprisingly little, isn’t it? You may doubt it, as there are still all these maps, reports, alarms data are to be retrieved from the IVMS, our fleet management platform.

The truth is that only GPS is an active element that uses data after live video is disenabled. And the maps, reports and alarms, all are formed at the PC end on the basis of GPS information. So technically they do not use any cellular data.

In conclusion, if you do not use live video often, the data usage of MDVR could be very little.

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