What's mobile DVR ?

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A mobile DVR, also called vehicle DVR, car DVR or simply referred to as MDVR, is a digital video recorder specially designed for vehicle surveillance. It is used together with car cameras to record video footage of what happens inside or outside of the vehicle.

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Rugged design

Since the applications are usually on different types of vehicles, such as bus, school bus, coach, truck, taxi, police car and etc., high-standard anti-shock and anti-vibration are key features that a good mobile DVR should have to withstand harsh environment in vehicles. ICARVISONSMDVR’s apply MIL-STD 810G514.6C-3 Standard, the highest standard in the industry for composite wheeled vehicle vibration exposure.

Key internal elements

G-sensor- detects movements of the vehicle: sharp acceleration, hard breaking, collision, crash sharp turns and etc. When G-sensor receives a sudden shock from harsh movements, it locks the video clip and protect it from being deleted.

GPS module- tracking location of the vehicle, and write the GPS information into the video.

3G/4G dongle- transmit live video and other data. ICARVISIONS developed and has been upgrading its own client software Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) and smart device APPs, from the platform users can easily access data from the vehicles and monitor their fleets in real time.

Wifi- support automatic upload of video files from the MDVR to the server. It can save much time as users don’t have to backup the videos manually. Also they can reduce 3G/4G data traffic costs.

The GPS, 3G/4G and Wifi modules are optional for substantially all ICARVISOINSMDVR’s. The flexibility enables us to provide the best solution to meet our customers’ requirements.

Other features

Server- MDVR users should build their own server to effectively manage their fleet.

Expansibility- ICARVISIONSMDVR has very good expansibility and their R&D team has rich experience in integrating other external sensors-passenger counter, fatigue driving sensor, fuel sensor, temp sensor...- with their MDVR. 

SD card mirror recording- in case of HDD failure, the SD card can start backup recording.

Power supply- comes from the vehicle battery. ICARVISIONSMDVR’swide voltage design (8V~36V) can adapt to voltage fluctuation of the vehicle.

Working temperature- -40℃~80℃.

Fleet mangers can have real-time monitoring via ICARVISIONS  IVMS platform (Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring Software)

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Thanks to the good expansibility of ICARVISIONSMDVR and cutting-edge competitiveness   of our team, we have successfully integrated such external devices with our MDVR and provide our customers with more powerful telematics fleet management solutions.

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