MDVR Record Files Name Rules

2019-09-29  FAQ  1031 views  Savoy

HDD MDVR Recording files name rules:

Such as: H20190808-095851P1N2P0.avi

H: Means the DVR used for oversea market;

Date-Time:  format is: YYMMDD-hhmmss 20190808

Video System: PAL---P, NTSC---N

Video resolution: 1 means D1, 2 means HD1, 3 means CIF, there are also A, B,C

Recording video type: A means alarm recording file; N means normal recording file.

Channel number: 1 means CH1, 2 means CH2, 3 means CH3, 4 means CH4

Frame Rate: normally represent P, if can also be other letter

0: No meaning

So H20190808-095851P1N2P0.avi represent:

Date: 2019-08-08

H: DVR used in oversea market

Date&Time: 20190808- 09:58:51

P: PAL video system

1: D1 resolution

N: normal recording file

2: CH2 video

P0: standard frame rate


MDVR Record Files Name Rules Picture1MDVR Record files name Rules.docx

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