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1. Features:

★Metal button

★Real-time video pop-out by alarm linkage

★Alarm snap-shot

★to generate alarm reports for search and download

2. Wiring Guidance

To connect the two wires of the panic button to the two wires (SENSOR IN1 and 12V) from the 24pin I/O cables of MDVR. Defaulted high voltage trigger is 12V /5V.

Panic Button Picture1

Panic Button Picture2

Panic Button Picture3

SENSOR IN1 and 12V-OUT of the MDVR 24pin I/O cables,.are for panic button alarm input.

3、to Configure on the Firmware

Enter the menu → Alarm  → Sensor  → enable the “IO-1” option

It uses the high voltage trigger to linkage the camera channel to enable real-time video pop-out and snap a picture when alarm triggered.

Panic Button Picture4

4、to configure on the IVMS Client Software 

Login IVMS client software, click the “Other” → “alarm Config”

Panic Button Picture5

On the “Alarm Config” page, choose the “Alarm Type”as the “emergency button alarm/IO_1”, then save it.

Panic Button Picture6

When the driver presses the panic button, the alarm will be triggered, and sent to the server from the MDVR via 3G /4G. It will pop out a real-time video on the IVMS Client software at the same time.

Panic Button Picture7

Panic Button Picture8

5、Login the web to check the report.

Login IVMS client software, click the “Other” → “Repot Query”

Panic Button Picture9

Panic Button Picture10

There are other alarm type optional according to different type of alarm applications, please consult with our technical team for further information.

Thank you.

Kindly find the attached manual if you want to download.


Panic Button Picture11panic button -Manual-converted.pdf

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