2022 New AI DashCam JI7A

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JI7A(Dashcam 1080P AHD, with Built-in ADAS optional)

JA-MC933(720P AHD, in-cabin camera)

JA-MC934(720P AHD, A-pillar DSM camera)

Order Kits:

Option 1: ADAS + DSM kits

JI7A (with ADAS) + JA-MC934 (A-pillar DSM camera)

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Option 2: 3 channels Dashcam (without ADAS or DSM)

JI7A + JA-M933 + 720P camera

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Product Description

The AI Dashcam (JI7A) is a powerful and easy-installed 1080P AHD recorder for vehicle surveillance with remote monitoring, with ADAS and DSM function optional. This road-facing Dashcam support up to 3 channels recording, with GPS + 4G + Wi-Fi function, and extended up to 2 channels of 720P AHD in-cabin cameras. It supports H.265 / H.264 compression and decompression with Dual TF cards storage (256 GB each), recording real-time video, GPS, and alarm data.

Suitable for online car-hailing, taxis, minivans, private cars, etc.

Product Features

  • Hidden antennas design, without external antennas installation.

  • Special integrated design to the external GPS module/antenna or in-cabin camera (JA-MC933) with built-in antenna, with greater GPS signal and performance than other regular dashcam design, in order to solve the interference to the GPS signal from the recorder circuit.  

  • Support up to 3 channels AHD cameras inputs, with 1channel 1080P AHD +2 channels 720P AHD full frame recording.

  • Optional with ADAS, DSM, face recognition function (if ADAS, DSM algorithm is supported, the device recording only supports 2 channels).

  • Dual TF cards video storage, the single card supports up to 256GB.

  • Compatible with H.265 / H.264 video encoding.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi as a hotspot, used for wireless connection between mobile phones and devices, using mobile APP settings to view device parameters, status, playback video and other functions.

  • Support MIC & speaker.

  • Built-in 1-way yellow and blue bi-colour indicator light to indicate the device’s working status, hidden design avoid to interfere drive’s sight.

  • Support an emergency alarm button.

  • Support an integrated 3 axis accelerometer (G-Sensor) and 3 axis gyroscopes (total 6 axis), to detect crash, harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering.

  • With a built-in Mini USB 2.0 for export of recorded data and equipment maintenance.

  • Support low voltage protection, when the voltage is lower than 8.5V, the device will automatically shut down (shutdown voltage value can be set, the default value is 8.5V).

  • 9V-36V DC power supply.

  • Operating Temperature -25℃~ + 75℃,Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃.

Product Specification


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JA-MC934 (optional)

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