AI Dash Cam JI7A

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JI7A(Dash Cam 1080P AHD, with Built-in ADAS Function optional)

JA-MC933(720P AHD, in-cabin camera, with Built-in DSM Function optional)

Order Kits:

Option 1: 2 channels Dash Cam Solution (Support ADAS + DSM)

JI7A (with ADAS) + JA-MC933 (A-pillar DSM camera) 

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Option 2: 3 channels Dash Cam (Support ADAS + DSM + 720P)

JI7A (with ADAS) + JA-MC933 (A-pillar DSM camera) + 720P camera (optional)

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Option 3: 2 channels Dash Cam (Support DSM)

JI7A (without ADAS) + JA-MC933 (with Built-in DSM) + 720P(optional)

Product Description

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AI Dashcam (JI7A) Installation Scenario

The AI Dash Cam (JI7A) is a powerful and easy-installed 1080P AHD recorder for vehicle surveillance with remote monitoring, with ADAS and DSM function optional. This road-facing Dash Cam support up to 3 channels of recording, with GPS + 4G + Wi-Fi function, and extended up to 2 channels of 720P AHD in-cabin cameras. It supports H.265 / H.264 compression and decompression with Dual TF card storage (256 GB each), recording real-time video, GPS, and alarm data.

Suitable for online car-hailing, taxis, minivans, private cars, etc.

2022 Dashcam supporting ADAS and DSM with a new price


The Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) system is used to capture an image of the driver’s face and establishes the driver’s condition based on visual analysis. It detects yawning, eyes closing, smoking, making phone calls, distraction. It alerts the driver of the potential danger by giving a real-time sound warning when the driver has above abnormal behaviours, which can reduce the accidents to a certain extent. 

Learn more about DSM, click here:

Why is Driver Status Monitoring(DSM) System helpful to prevent fatigued driving?

How to Effectively Manage The Taxi Fleet?

Product Features

  • Hidden antenna design, without external antenna installation.

  • Special integrated design to the external GPS module/antenna or in-cabin camera (JA-MC933) with built-in antenna and provides better GPS signal and performance than other regular Dash Cam designs, avoid the interference to the GPS signal from the recorder circuit.  

  • Support up to 3 channels AHD camera inputs, with 1 channel 1080P AHD +2 channels 720P AHD full-frame recording.

  • Support  ADAS, DSM, face recognition function (optional).

  • Dual TF cards video storage, the single card supports up to 256GB.

  • Compatible with H.265 / H.264 video encoding.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi as a hotspot, used for wireless connection between mobile phones and devices, using mobile APP settings to view device parameters, status, playback video, and other functions.

  • Support MIC & speaker

  • Built-in 1-way yellow and blue bi-color indicator light to indicate the device’s working status, hidden design avoids interfering with the driver’s sight.

  • Support an emergency alarm button.

  • Support an integrated 3-axis accelerometer (G-Sensor) and 3-axis gyroscopes (total 6 axis), to detect a crash, harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering.

  • With a built-in Mini USB 2.0 for export of recorded data and equipment maintenance.

  • Support low voltage protection, when the voltage is lower than 8.5V, the device will automatically shut down (shutdown voltage value can be set, the default value is 8.5V).

  • 9V-36V DC power supply.

  • Operating Temperature -25℃~ + 75℃, Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃.

JI7A Dash Cam Product Advantage Comparison

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Product Specification


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Spec-Sheet Download

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