How to add IP camera to MDVR

2019-09-02 FAQ 210 views lufeijin

Here is a video about how to add IPC.

1:  You need to make sure the IP address of your IP camera. Usually, the IP address is written on the cover of IP camera, if you cannot find it, please let us know.

How to add IP camera MDVR Picture1

2:  Make sure the IPC and MDVR at the same network segment.

How to add IP camera MDVR Picture2

3:  Enter the IPC menu, search the IPC and fill in the correct parameters(such as account, password, port. etc.) ,then save.

How to add IP camera MDVR Picture3


How to add IP camera MDVR Picture4How-to-add-IP-camera-to-MDVR.pdf

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