How to upgrade firmware of mobile DVR

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ICARVISIONS provides free lifetime support to customers who purchased mobile DVRs from us, and one of the most important services is free firmware update.

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What is firmware?

Firmware is software embedded in the memory chip on a hardware device such as mobile DVR. It’s the background programming that helps the mobile DVR do what it's supposed to do. Firmware cannot be changed or deleted by an end-user.

In terms of mobile DVR, a firmware update is usually a newer version of software program that can be used to upgrade the firmware in the device.

In which situations a firmware update is necessary for your mobile DVR?

New features are added to give the mobile DVR greater capabilities. ICARVISIONS team keeps working to improve the performance of the mobile DVRs, and it contributes to the firmware updates from time to time. Customers can experience the new features by simply upgrading their mobile DVR firmware.

For bug fixing. Minor bugs may be found and thus optimization can be done to enhance user experience. In such case a firmware update to the MDVR is the best solution.

For troubleshooting in a more effective manner. When an issue occurs on your MDVR and it’s not on the latest firmware, an firmware update is essential to figure out what might be the problem. How to check the firmware version of your MDVR? Login the MDVR, click System Info at the Set Menu page, a window will pop up and indicate the firmware version.

How to upgrade MDVR firmware?

To get the latest firmware version, you just need to reach out to your sales representative/ technical support engineer. In order to get the exact firmware for your MDVR, it is suggested that you provide the model number and serial number of the MDVR as well.

1. On MDVR

Shut down the MDVR first. Copy the latest firmware to a SD card or a USB flash drive (depending on your MDVR model). Insert the SD card to the MDVR SD card slot, or connect the USB flash drive (FAT32 format) to the USB port of the MDVR . Then power on the MDVR, it will update automatically once the MDVR starts up. The monitor will display "upgrading..."  and the MDVR automatically restarts when the upgrade is completed.

Note: The upgrade takes a few minutes. Do not turn off the MDVR during this process or it can damage the MDVR.

2. On client software IVMS

To upgrade the MDVR remotely via IVMS, your MDVR should have Internet connection via 3G/4G or WiFi.

Login to the MDVR client software IVMS. Select a vehicle and right click. Click “Device Upgrade” at the bottom of the right-click menu, then Browse the firmware file and upgrade. The monitor will display "upgrading..."  The MDVR will automatically restart when the upgrade is completed.

Note: Do not turn off the MDVR during the upgrade process or it can damage the MDVR.

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