Structure of the cluster server

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There is the structure of the cluster server, which include the ports of each service. 

Structure of the cluster server Picture1

1. To login the Server/Web Client/ PC Client/APP Client, 

it is recommended that own at lease two static WAN IP addresses, which for the two  Gateway Servers.

It would be better have another two static WAN IP addresses for Media Server and Login Server, which could Sharing bandwidth and network pressure.

2. Please make sure all these ports are open and available for accessing.

3. It is recommended that following the advice from our technical support engineer, which include prepare OS, bandwidth, storage, RAM etc.

4. To improve encryption and security, http change to https require Configure SSL. Here is the FAQ.

Note: Please make sure your SSL port is open.

Here is the working principle of dual gateway.  

Structure of the cluster server Picture2


Structure of the cluster server Picture3Structure of the cluster server.doc

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