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How to Use SMS Commands Change the MDVR Parameters

2019-10-18 Support 9 views

Text format: user name, password, your phone number, whether to send back to or not (1 or 0), command

+admin,888888,13713584340,1,RESET:20,3600  //Restart command

+admin,888888,13713584340,1,GETGPS     // Get GPS command


DVR will restart after settings of parameters under SET are finished!

+admin,888888,13713584340,1,SETDEVNUM:66666    //Set Dev-No., MDVR will restart after the setting.


 //Set server IP and Port, MDVR will restart after the setting.    **IP and port must be sent simultaneously. Otherwise ERR ip prompt will appear and the revision will not take effect.


Set 3G/4G parameters. MDVR will restart after the setting.









+admin,888888,13713584340,1,GETSTATE:[3G][HDD][VIDEOSTATUS][DEVNUM][VER][MCUVER][PARAM]  //Get the status of each parameter of the device

 [VIDEOSTATUS]show Analog:4 IPC:4 CH1-CH8  status 0 or status 1


+admin,888888,13713584340,1,GETSIM    // Get SIM card informationShowed on Vehicle info interface         



 //   Set SIM card Number, DVR will restart automatically  Return:set simnum:

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