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  • 2023 Video Telematics Solutions at ICARVISIONS

    2023 Video Telematics Solutions at ICARVISIONS

    ICARVISIONS has just released its 2023 Video Telematics Solutions. Let's take a closer look.

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  • A comprehensive guide for Taxi Surveillance and Mobile DVR

    A comprehensive guide for Taxi Surveillance and Mobile DVR

    With Ai enhancement and Android smart applications, there are lots of you can achieve by our taxi solution and Full 1080P Mobile-DVR and telematics system. The main content of this video: the latest Taxi Surveillance Solution; the core of system-Android Touch Screen MDVR; Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS).

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  • The 3rd Gen Smart Touch Screen Mobile DVR JT1

    The 3rd Gen Smart Touch Screen Mobile DVR JT1

    Due to the particularity of taxi operation, there will be a lot of bad phenomena, such as drivers refusing to take the bus, charging without meter, overcharging for the detour, conflicts between drivers and passengers, traffic accidents and so on. How can we balance the safety and interests of drivers and passengers while managing the taxi fleet effectively? Icarvisions’s 3rd gen of intelligent MOBILE DVR JT1 is a good solution to solve this problem.

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  • Case Study: Taxi

    Case Study: Taxi

    With a growth demands in the Taxi monitoring & surveillance market, it’s very critical to have a taxi surveillance system - Mobile Video Digital Recorder for supervising the driver and passenger behavior, such as denying passengers, over speed, refuse to charge and careless driving behavior. Someone said “The drivers are scared of the passengers but also the passengers are scared of the drivers.” obviously their worries are based on this reason/logic, the only way to make peace must be widely deployed this system.

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  • Taxi Monitoring System Solution

    Taxi Monitoring System Solution

    The whole mobile DVR system can be divided into vehicle monitoring systems part, information transfer part, and control platform part. The first part includes MDVR, surveillance cameras, digital radio speaker, LCD display, GPS, 3G /4G module, fuel sensor, fatigue driving sensor, temperature sensor and emergency button etc., Information transfer communication part include the mobile information delivery and Ethernet / LAN network. The last part includes monitoring software, video walls, user management, streaming media, database, storage servers and other group service.

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