Temperature Sensor

★Operating Voltage:3.5V~5V
★Temperature distance:1M~500M
★Operating Temperature Range:-30~+80℃
★Storage conditions:-10℃~+40℃,Relative Humidity≤75% RH
★Test temperature accuracy:Computer software testing, the accuracy of the product in a heated tank of 0.001 °, R25 ° reading error of ± 1 °; using specific errors adjusted according to supply their own customers as well as programs.

 Temperature sensor is to point to to feel the temperature and convert it into a usable output signal of the sensor, products after pulling force, vibration, landing, high and low temperature, resistant to moisture, high and low temperature cold circulation rigorous experimental, with high reliability, long life, by the impact of the working environment and characteristics of. Matched with the vehicle mdvr equipment, in order to achieve high / low temperature alarm, alarm data statistics, reporting, analysis and query.

Device installation figure



IVMS client interface to select the temperature sensor has been installed in the vehicle, you can see the information in the vehicle in the middle of the temperature information;

In the alarm list, when the equipment once the vehicle temperature is too high or too low, more than the set threshold value, IVMS client alarm information column will display the temperature alarm information.


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