OBD Data Collection Box

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Product Features

  • Driver Behavior Analysis - Through speed analysis, it's possible to conduct driver behavior analysis such as rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turns, and more.

  • Precise Fuel Consumption - Using precise mileage and fuel consumption algorithms to offer users mileage and fuel consumption-related applications.

  • Through data collection - Through data collection from the car's CAN bus, essential vehicle body status data like central locking, lights, horn, windows, and gear position can be captured.

  • Vehicle Control - Achieving vehicle control by using the CAN bus for reverse control of central locking, doors, windows, lights, and horn.

  • Diagnostic Applications - Supports most car OBD and proprietary diagnostic applications.

  • Unlimited Upgrades - Built-in fixed upgrade program allows for endless functional upgrades.

  • Power-Saving Design - Designed with power-saving technology, consuming minimal current as low as 2mA during sleep mode.

Product Description

OBD Data Collection Box, small in size, typically connected to the vehicle's OBD port, used to read and analyze the vehicle's diagnostic information and real-time data.

OBD Data Collection Box

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OBD Spec Sheet

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