4G State Dialing failed

2020-01-10 FAQ 372 views tianliang

There is a strange phenomenon:

The 4G-State keep dialing and no dialing as the below picture.

4G State Dialing failed Picture1

4G State Dialing failed Picture2

1. Please check your 4G parameters, such as APN, Type. etc. 

4G State Dialing failed Picture3

2. You can also import the config file from the other device which is dialing successfully.

4G State Dialing failed Picture4

3.  Change another SIM card for a try.  

4. Please make sure the 4G signal was not poor. The 4G anttena connected well to MDVR.

5. If all the above methods are tried, please send the debug-log and netdebug-log to our engineer to check.

4G State Dialing failed Picture5


4G State Dialing failed Picture64G State Dialing failed.docx

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