Introduction of the front led lights to the MDVR

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Introduction of the front led lights to MDVR Picture1

The led lights rules:

  1. POW-- If the power is on, the light will be bright.

  2. REC--  If one or more channels work well, it will be bright, if config all channels to stop record, it will be off.

  3. HDD--  If the HDD works, it will be flash frequently, if the HDD is broken or not works, it will be off.

  4. 3G/4G--  If the 3G or 4G moduel exists, it will be bright.

  5. HEAT--  The HDD has the heat function, if it starts to work, the HEAT light will be bright.

  6. GPS--  The GPS light will be bright, if the GPS moduel esixts.

  7. SD--  If the device was inserted the SD card, it will be bright.

  8. ALARM--  If the device alarms occured, it will be bright, such as HDD is fault, IO alarm, G-sensor, high temperature etc.

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