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Why do we need MDVR security management for the police vehicle ?

Police vehicle MDVR monitoring solution with the basic functions for example vehicle tracking and record video in the entire process of the operation. In this way, it can prevent the police from breaking the law and regulations when they handling the incident. All the data can be used as evidence to distinguish responsibilities when police officers conflict with the crowd thus to supervise police officers so it can build a good reputation of the government. With the 4G wireless monitoring system, police officers centre room can check the geographic location and operation status of police cars in real-time through the software, but also have notification when emergencies happened.

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4 channels is important for the police vehicle

The first camera JA-MC900 with dual lens will be use to record of the driver and forwarding. It can be used to trigger recording and take the photo. MDVR will upload the data to the system through 4G. So that the police car is no longer just a separate vehicle, but also a temporary command centre. The first camera plays an important role when identifying pedestrians and vehicles around. The intelligent forensics has greatly released the pressure of traffic law enforcement.

The second camera JA-MC510 is focusing on the cabin area where we have to monitor the prisoner.

The 4th channels camera JA-MC018 is take care of the rear view area.

Hardware Configuration

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Installation of cameras

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System configuration

The whole system includes hardware, wireless command and software. Hardware mainly includes cameras, MDVR. Wireless part is GPS, 4G and WiFi. The software will be server software and central monitoring Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) software.

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Key function of the solution

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Useful accessories

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Useful I/O sensor for trigger REC

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MDVR with 8 sensors input which allows the trigger from alarm speaker, the brake, door open etc.

WiFi auto download video solution

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Configure the WiFi automatic download server in the parking lot, which the MDVR can automatically upload the video to the server storage.

WiFi auto-download is a perfect wireless solution to store the video data. In this case, the user doesn’t need to go to the parking lot and take out the HDD or SD card from the MDVR.

About Platform monitoring center software management

The server monitoring centre composed of the IVMS server group, IVMS management software, client software.

The monitoring centre software platform composed of the IVMS server software, IVMS client software, and App. It will work through the public or private network as the data source which can realize real-time monitoring remotely. Include recording, and snap picture of multiple vehicles at the same time. Also you can do video search, download, analysis playback. The control centre can get useful alarm information, combined with GIS electronic map quickly. It can realize the intercom between the driver through the platform after configuring the digital intercom.

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MDVR Player software

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Similar vehicles security management

4 channels MDVR solution not only can be used for police vehicle but also can be use for below similar vehicles which need 3/4 channels or 5 channels cameras.

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MDVRs models for police or similar vehicle

JS2-HD-GFW is SD card model which can support 2 pcs SD card and allow you to connect 4 pcs 720p AHD cameras.

JH0-GFW is a mini SSD MDVR with waterproof IP67 function.

JH4-HYBRID-GFW HDD MDVR can support 4 pcs 1080P IP cameras.

JH4-HD-GFW HDD MDVR support 4 channels 1080P AHD cameras.

Most of the clients prefer HDD Mobile DVR than SD card MDVR. They may need to restore more than 20 days video when the SD card MDVR with memory capacity limited. But the SD card MDVR with a smaller size than HDD MDVR so it could be an advantage for these police vehicle with limited space to do MDVR installation.

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About Warranty

ICARVISIONS provide 15 months from date of the first purchase of MDVR, and 12 months for cameras.

When the buyer finds faulty units, We will try our best to check the problems and find the best solution to solve the problem before returning the MDVR devices. If clients have to return the devices we will give the best suggestion of solution after diagnosing the faulty units.

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