Law Enforcement Telematics Monitoring Solution

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Law Enforcement Solution: Ensuring Safety & Efficiency

ICARVISIONS Law Enforcement solution aims to safeguard the safety of law enforcement personnel and minimize risks involved in law enforcement operations. By enabling real-time vehicle monitoring and enforcement process supervision, it enhances the efficiency of law enforcement activities. Furthermore, it boosts evidence credibility, thereby lowering the chances of misjudgment and wrongful convictions. This solution also promotes fairness and transparency in law enforcement proceedings, curbing illegal behaviors and abuses of power during the process.

2024 Law Enforcement Solution

Law Enforcement Telematics Monitoring Solution

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Law Enforcement Solution Accessories

1. Camera: JA-MC818

2. Camera: JA-MC818

3. Rearview Camera: JA-MC912-B

4. BodyCam

5. Mobile-DVR: JH4AN-HD

6. Intercom

7. 10.36 inch HD Touch Screen: JK12A

8. Cabin Camera: JA-MC913

Evidence Recorded

Law Enforcement Telematics Monitoring Solution Picture2

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