Intelligent vehicle monitoring App for iOS and Android

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Hello guys, this video will introduce the Mobile phone Client App: ICARVIEW, this app is available on both IOS and Android.

This app includes major functions such as GPS location, real-time streaming, trace playback, alarm information and more.

After logging in the App, users can check the the real position and status of every vehicle on the map.

Now we can jump to the second function: the real-time streaming.

Users can see the streaming from each camera installed on the vehicle by clicking the video and searching a specific vehicle on the list.

For the track page, it will retrieve the historical trace of vehicles and replay it for you.

Just like our PC Client software, the playback page allows users to play back any footage from the selected vehicle.

This app also has trendy Ai functionality to support ADAS and DSM.

Go to the Security Management under the setting, users can review the alarm reports related to ADAS and DSM.

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