Why we need AI-MDVR with ADAS & DSM for vehicle Surveillance?

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When a truck driver faces a long-distance driving, who is his good partner on the road? Ai-MDVR can not only help drivers but also give a satisfactory report to the fleet management company. ADAS and DSM can remind drivers to stop some behaviours which may unfavourable for driving, but also can generate big data reports. So fleet management company can collect drivers' driving behaviour from big data and has good proof of bad driving behaviour. This will have a very positive role in building good driving behaviour from drivers and improve road traffic safety.

ICARVISIONS Anti-speeding technology: Driver Status Monitoring

Making Phone Calls Detection & Distraction Detection.

In many news reports, it is not difficult to find that the driver's use of smartphone call during driving is one of the main causes of traffic accidents. It is far from enough to rely on the driver's consciousness to avoid this problem. DSM has the function of warning the driver to stop using the phone. Besides, DSM will also capture and save pictures on the server when drivers use their mobile phones.

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Yawning Detection & Eyes Closing Detection :

Fatigued driving is also a very common phenomenon for drivers from transport vehicles over long distances. The main manifestation is that the driver constantly yawns and blinks frequently. When the driver in a fatigue status. DSM will immediately issue a warning to remind the driver that he is tired. At this time, the driver should find a suitable place to take a break before continuing to drive the vehicle. Otherwise, a traffic accident may happen in the next second.

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Smoking Detection & Driver Absence Detection:

Smoking could be a bomb for a vehicle full of gasoline smell. Especially for tank trucks, it is also a regular policy to prohibit drivers from smoking in the tank vehicle. Can you imagine if a bus driver smokes in the bus? what will happen to the passengers? Therefore, it is right to prohibit drivers from smoking on the bus at any time. Once the driver smoking, DSM will warn the driver mercilessly and issue the voice "Stop Smoking please!" At the same time, the captured pictures transfer to the server to notify the fleet administrator.

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Lane Departure Warning & Safe Distance Warning :

A good driving habit is one of the criteria for a good driver. If a driver is driving on a highway in a rainy or foggy day, the visions of the vehicle ahead may not be within the driver's expectation. The driver can neither change lanes frequently, but also has to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. At this time, the lane departure and safety distance warning function of ADAS will assist the driver. Keeping a safe distance during highway driving is one of the effective ways to avoid traffic accidents.

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Pedestrian Collision Warning & Forward-collision-warning:

Even a professional taxi driver may not find pedestrians in his blind spot. The pedestrian collision detection function will also protect those pedestrians who are not paid enough attention when they cross the road. Because sometimes it is difficult for drivers to make correct judgments about the pedestrian’s direction. This pedestrian collision detection function is very important for a novice driver.

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You will have a full report about all of these DSM & ADAS alarm information.

Big data will be the main basis for our future judgments and decisions. The Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) client will allow you to download ADAS and DSM big data reports remotely, which will greatly improve the efficiency of fleet management. For example, we will know what is the most common bad driving behaviour happened on most of the drivers according to the big data report. At the same time, it will also give you a list that these drivers have very bad driving behaviours. Moreover, Ai-MDVR can also a good solution to avoid dangerous traffic accidents. Because the administrator can choose an appropriate time to notify the driver to stop the behaviours that are not conducive to driving according to the real-time alarm data transfer by Ai-MDVR through the remote platform.

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