Introducing the New IVMS (web) supporting AI + Big Data

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With the view of providing a better and friendly interface to monitor your fleet, ICAR R&D team had taken a lot of efforts on updating our new IVMS(web) platform which support AI and Big data, it’s designed to perform a varied set of tasks regarding all of the vehicles your company is using by such powerful web platform.

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The main features of the new IVMS(web) includes:

  • Monitor: see the map and vehicle location in real-time

  • Videos: via 3G/4G network, the monitoring centre can check live video when needed.

  • Track: Historial tracking detail

  • Record: by retrieving some key options, users can search historical videos

  • Platform: make some necessary configurations in advance to save the valuable time

  • Active Safety: integrated DSM&ADAS data analysis, all configuration will be performed web-based

  • Report: export all kind of report information

  • Alarm: export all kind of alarm information

  • Management: for administrator using

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Big Data is also a key point that we have to mention, especially for Smart city, transportation and Taxi dispatch industry. It’s the collection and analysis of data sets that are complex in terms of the volume and variety, and some cases the velocity at which they are collected.

Through the big data analysis of passengers' travel, new IVMS(web) platform can realize the fastest response to passengers' call for a car, and dispatch the nearest empty car to go there. With the help of the analysis of big data, the idle time between the first order and the next order of the vehicle can be minimized, in order to avoid the situation in the past that the taxi drives around looking for work and raises the price at night. Besides, the flexible markup model that taxi-hailing software enterprises start to use must also rely on perfect big data.

According to the situation of congestion in all sections of the city and the distribution of taxi routes reflected by big data, urban management departments can more reasonably plan urban road and traffic management programs.

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AS one of the biggest mobile DVR designer, developer and manufacturer, ICARVISIONS was constantly focusing on the development of advanced technology - AI, it is becoming more and more popular and vital in-vehicle monitoring area.

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Camera 2 will be mounted on the windshield and facing forward and monitor all items on road, it can identify road markings, traffic signs, and traffic lights. Additionally, it can also recognize objects, provide data that facilitates their identification.

ICAR supports a comprehensive suite of ADAS functions, such as:

And more

Camera 1: DSM -Driver Behaviour Monitoring system contains:

  • Phone call making/answering

  • Smoking

  • Distraction driving

  • Driver abnormality

  • Hands off the steering wheel

  • Behaviour detection failure

  • Automatic snapshot

  • Driver changed

  • Drink water

  • Close eyes

  • Play Mobile phone

  • Sun visor

  • Overdrive warning

  • Seat belt not fastened

  • Driver match failed

  • Driver timeout

  • Device occlusion failure

And more

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With such a smart system, it can reduce road deaths and injuries by cutting the number of road accidents overall and reducing the severity of those that can’t be avoided. Since we are still collecting novel ideas to optimize our system, more functions to be expected. Meanwhile, any suggestions or fresh thoughts will be much welcomed.

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