Overview of ICARVISIONS mobile DVRs

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ICARVISIONS offers a wide range of MDVRs to meet customers’ needs. No matter the size of your fleet, or the types of your vehicles, you can always find one best solution from ICARVISIONS MDVR offerings.

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Entry level

JS2-HD series is a 4CH dual SD card mobile DVR with GPS, 3G/4G and Wifi optional. It can support 4CH 720P AHD cameras or 4CH 960H +1CH 720P IPC. The maximum memory of the each SD card can reach 128GB.

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ICARVISONS mid-range MDVRs are primarily consisted of 720P AHD HDD MDVR. There are two members in this group: JH4-HD series and JH8-HD (V2) series, all are GPS, 3G/4G and Wifi optional.

JH4-HD series is a 4CH 720P AHD MDVR that can accept up to 2TBHDD for regular recording and a maximum 128GB SD card for back up recording. This model supports up to 4CH 720P+ 1CH 1080P IP video input. Click here to view JH4-HD series.

JH8-HD (V2) series is an 8CH 720P AHD MDVR that can support up to 9 cameras: 8CH 720P AHD+1 CH 1080P IP. The storage is up to 2TB HDD for regular recording and 128GB SD card for backup recording. JH8-HD (V2) has a VGA port for HD video output. Click here to view JH8-HD series.


ICARVISIONS’ high end MDVR family has a even more powerful and diversified lineup: 1080P AHD mobile DVR, 1080P mobile mobile NVR, waterproof mini mobile DVR and touch screen Android tablet mobile DVR for taxi.

JH4-HD (V2) series, 1080P AHD HDD MDVR, upgraded version of JH4-HD, is designed to support full HD video input to support up to 4CH 1080P AHD + 1CH 1080P IP cameras. It can accept 2TB HDD HDD for regular recording and a maximum 128 GB SD card for backup recording. Click here to view JH4-HD V2 series.

JH4-Hybrid (V2) series,4CH mobile NVR to support 4CH 1080P IPC, and additional 4CH 720P AHD cameras, thanks to ICARVISIONS’ state-of-the-art hybrid video input technology. The flexibility allow users to use it as either a mobile DVR or NVR, 4CH or 8CH. As a NVR, this model has a HDMI port for HD video output. The storage is up to 2TB HDD for regular recording and a maximum 128GB SD card for backup recording. Click here to view JH4-Hybrid series.

JH8-HYBRID (V2) series and JH8-NVR seires. Need to point out that both models are pure IP NVRs to support 8CH 1080P IPC, though the former is named “HYBRID”. The major difference between the two models is that the former has 4 RJ45 ports and 4 aviation round connectors for video input, while the latter has 8 aviation round connectors. Customers are free to choose the most suitable model based on their IP cameras connectors. Click here to view JH8-NVR series, and Click here to view JH8-Hybrid series.

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JH0 series, mini waterproof MDVR, supports up to 4CH 720P AHD and 1CH 1080P IP video input. This model is most notable for its streamlined, hand-sized design (146*155*38mm), and water proof feature- also means dust-proof. It accepts SSD and SD card for storage. If you need a MDVR that can save space in your vehicle and withstand dusty environment, JH0 is undoubtedly the best choice.

Our waterproof MDVR group also includes other members that can accept HDD storage, 8 channels (model#: JH6S-8HD) and 16 channels(model#: JH16). For more information, please feel free to contact us. Click here to view JH0 series.

JT1 Android tablet MDVR

with a 7” touch screen. This model is specially designed for taxi, supports 2CH 1080P AHD video inputs and accept unlimited SSD storage, plus 2 SD cards- one for error backup, one for offline navigation. The openness of Android OS allows us to embed third party Apps inside and further enhance user experience.It is by far one of the most powerful product on the market that combines a touch screen and MDVR. Click here to view JT1 series.

ICARVISONS has proudly won well-known super projects in domestic and overseas market with this MDVR- taxi projects in Nanjing City, China, and Istanbul, Turkey.

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