Forklift Safety Solution

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Our Forklift Safety Solution places a strong emphasis on ensuring the safety of both operators and individuals in close proximity to forklift operations. This is achieved through the integration of advanced features such as Driver Safety Monitoring (DSM), 360° Panoramic Views, and Blind Spot Detection (BSD).

The Driver Safety Monitoring (DSM) utilizes advanced technology to continuously track and analyze driver behavior in real-time, promoting optimal levels of alertness and caution during forklift operation. Meanwhile, the A-pillar DSM camera, specifically positioned to monitor driver status, remains unobtrusive and compact, ensuring it does not obstruct the driver's view.

Furthermore, our solution incorporates BSD, which employs sensors to detect objects or individuals within the forklift's blind spots, alerting operators to potential hazards. Combined with 360° Panoramic Views, which provide operators with a comprehensive overview of their surroundings, these features enhance safety measures by enabling operators to navigate with confidence and precision. Additionally, audible flashing alerts promptly notify both operators and nearby personnel of any safety concerns, facilitating a proactive approach to accident prevention.

Forklift Safety Solution

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Forklift Safety Solution Accessories

1. Front Camera: JA-MC313

2. Right Camera: JA-MC313

3. Rear Camera: JA-MC313

4. Left Camera: JA-MC313

5. A-pillar DSM Camera: JA-MC938

6. Audible Flashing Alert

7. Mobile-DVR: JH0AN

8. 7-inch Android Screen

Panoramic 360

360 view to help the driver to avoid hitting people or objects.

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Panoramic Camera: JA-MC313

Audible Flashing Alert

To warn the people that the vehicle is approaching thereby to keep away and avoid collision.

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