8 Channel AI Mobile DVR JH8AN-HD

2022-02-25   Video   996   Inquire Now

8 channel AI MDVR and Calibration AI cameras

The JH8AN-HD is a 8 Channel AI Mobile DVR designed for on-board vehicle recording. 

The main content of this video:

1- The outer appearance of Mobile DVR (JH8AN-HD);

2- The connection method of different cables;

3- Calibration & parameter setting of AI cameras (ADAS/DSM/BSD) via iCalibration APP;

4- The introduction of DSM/ADAS/BSD cameras.

Mobile DVR JH8AN-HD, ADAS, DSM, BSD, let me know which of these questions you still have questions about, please leave message. We will check it everyday and give your reply as soon as possible.

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