Modern telematics solution for the Garbage Truck

2021-12-27   Video   951   Inquire Now

Modern telematics solution for the Garbage Truck

ICARVISIONS’ latest MDVR solution for Garbage truck with powerful Ai 4 channel Mobile DVR with driver behaviour monitoring system, supports by GPS, 4G and Wi-Fi. Streaming H.265 1080P video.

The main content of this video: 

1. the latest Cold chain logistics Truck Monitoring solution; 

2. the core of system-Ai Mobile DVR (JH4AN-HD); 

3. the introduction of DSM/ADAS/BSD cameras; 

4. other introduction-Driver Cab Camera, Rearview Camera, Inside Camera, Intercom, RFID Reader; 

5. Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS).

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