New Challenge for Public Transportation under Epidemic, and our solutions

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Beginning in Dec 2019, covid-19 suddenly broke out in China. Companies in the transportation industry actively cooperate with the government and all the levels health organizations to restrict passenger traffic and control the flow of personnel, which has played an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic. But at the same time, transportation companies have also suffered heavy losses in the short term. In this environment, for transportation companies, whether passive or active, they need to make necessary changes and adjustments to their safety management models. Not only to deal with the sudden epidemic but also to re-calibrate the development direction of the enterprise in the new business environment to face the new challenges after the epidemic. From another perspective, the outbreak of the covid-19 has indirectly promoted the development of safety video monitoring products in the transportation industry.

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The epidemic has had a double-sided impact on the choice of urban transport modes. By 2020, the proportion of public transport trips in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen has exceeded 50%. However, during the epidemic, many residents have reduced travel or provided their transport due to concerns about the safety of public transport, which goes against the philosophy of urban public transport development in recent years.

The new challenge of urban public transport safety management, the outbreak of the epidemic, to the urban public transport passenger health monitoring as well as the limited space personnel evacuation and safety monitoring presented new challenges. At the same time, in the process of emergency disposal, also exposed the deficiency of the city, the road network data management: a large number of the system is still in the island operation mode, data statistics, inaccurate, not in time to analysis the passenger information in real-time, data management and useability are not enough to support the city within the scope of the comprehensive coordination, the analysis of the major epidemic control is not comprehensive enough.

So how can we improve?

1. From the perspective of public transportation companies, the big data analysis platform provided by the data platform can quickly manage and guide travellers reasonably. The construction of the big data platform and data management have played an unprecedented role in supporting emergency management in special periods.

2. Strengthen the remote monitoring of high-risk operating equipment and the construction and improvement of video monitoring systems in the transportation industry; strengthen the planning and construction of integrated intelligent management and control systems such as emergency response. After this epidemic, public transportation companies will be able to construct these integrated systems. Speed up and strengthen.

ICARVISIONS as a supplier of vehicle safety MDVR equipment, how should we provide better products?

1. In the context of the epidemic, It’s first necessary to provide more products with professional functions to monitor the real-time conditions in the vehicle. For example, it can quickly monitor body temperature in a wide range, and even if it does not meet the requirements, it can send reminders to ensure the safety of surrounding passengers.

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2. Integrate MDVR ‘s big data platforms to better meet the needs of the special period of the epidemic and provide reasonable data support for traffic management. Promote the integration of public transportation in the industry. In addition, optimizing resources and improving the comprehensive management capacity of urban traffic can also further improve the city's management capacity and operational efficiency.

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We need to use our own advantages to help China and the world win the war. We will continue to track the development of the epidemic, actively cooperate with companies, and lead transportation companies in digital transformation, and jointly embrace new development opportunities.

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