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For our modern world, more than one million people die each year because of road traffic crashes and almost every logistic or transportation companies have to pay high cost to the insurance company as cases of road incidents are unavoidable and numbers are also increasing. Meanwhile, vehicles are becoming increasingly automated as today’s automated systems are taking over an increasing amount of responsibility for the driving task. It is expected that soon, Ai-related device will take the place of human impulse, and artificial intelligence (AI) will substitute for human intelligence and offer us better safety on road. 

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As we know, the truck or lorry driver can easily be affected by long time working and caused severe issues on the road. But now, those Drivers can benefit from a wide range of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and DSM thanks to advanced AI technologies developed by ICARVISIONS, such as safe distance warning, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, pedestrian, traffic sign recognition and the DSM(driver status monitor) will make sure driver can stay in good driving condition all the time such as yawning, eyes closing, smoking, making the phone call, distraction and more.  

The ICARVISIONS has introduced an external Ai Box and Mobile-DVR with ADAS+DSM (all in one) products where the former Ai-box can be connected with all existing DVR models and bring the user with all the latest functions of ADAS+DSM. 

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Here are the solution sets for Truck or Lorry

Depends on vehicle length, customer can be difficult 

DVR options: 4 channels HDD DVR (JH4-HD) or 8 channels HDD DVR (JH8-HD) , Click here to view JH4-HD, Click here to view JH8-HD.

Typical Confugirations: 

Small and middle sized vehicle: 5 cameras (2 waterproofed at rear/side, 1 for front road, 1 for driver in-cab, 1 for goods)

Large sized vehicle: 8 cameras ( (1 waterproofed at rear,2 for rear-side, 2 for front-side, 1 for front road, 1 for driver in-cab, 1 for goods)

Application of AI: both DVR models are perfect to go with Ai-Box system and the ADAS and DSM can also be used as the camera where ADAS will be facing forward on-road and monitor all items and DSM will monitor the driver’s upper part of the body. Additionally, customer can connect to our external camera and internal cameras to monitor the rest of needed areas, kindly notice our external cameras are IP67 waterproofed, so it is a very good choice to mont outside of the truck. 

Storage: Both Hard disk models can support 2TB storage maximum, and this will give user plenty storage space which can save at least 1 week’s footage ( 8 hours per day)

Other supporting accessories: 

For food logistic: we offer customer temperature sensor to monitor the inside temperature change

For dangerous cargo: we offer customer the fire proofed black box in case of explosion and keep the valued footage safe.

For long haul vehicle: customer can use fuel sensor to monitor the real-time level of fuel tanks.

For vehicle fleet: customer can use intercom to talk to other fleet drivers or talk to their command center without any delays. 

Appendix: Specification, Outward Appearance, wiring diagram

Hardware system parameters

Application processorMSM8953, 8 core, ARM@Cortex-A53 processor, Main frequency 2.0GHz
NavigationSupport GPS

ADAS cameras

Image Sensor1/2.8” CMOS IMX307
Video formatPAL
HD pixels720P
Camera lensF 6mm
Effective Pixels1280H x 720 V
Minimum illumination0.001Lux
Infrared functionN/A
Horizontal angle of view60°
Tilt adjustmentadjustable
powerDC 12V±5%,65mA±5mA
Weight150 g
Level of protectionNone
Operational  Temperature-20 ~ +60 ° C
Operational  humidity<90%
Video input connector4PIN round aviation connector

DSM camera

Image Sensor1/3” CMOS AR0130
Video formatPAL
HD pixels960P
Camera lensF 3.6mm or 6mm
Effective Pixels1280H x 960 V
Minimum illumination0.001Lux
Infrared functionSupport
Horizontal angle of view90°
Tilt adjustmentadjustable
powerDC 12V±5%,65mA±5mA
Weight150 g
Level of protectionNo
Operational  Temperature-20 ~ +60 ° C
Operational  humidity<90%
Video input connector10 PIN round aviation connector

Ports Description

SD cardSupport (for the upgrade)
Serial port1 * RS232
I/O4 inputs, 2 outputs

Electrical, environmental adaptability and structural parameters

Electrical parameters

Rated voltage12V DC
Rated power15W

Environmental adaptability parameter

Operation temperature-25~75℃
Operation humidity10~90%RH

Product structure parameters

AI-BOX dimension154mm×122mm×44.7mm
ADAS camera angleAdjustable
DSM cameradimension80*86.5*37.5mm
DSM camera angleAdjustable
ADAS camera dimension105*68*43mm

Outward Appearace

MDVR + Ai solution for Truck Picture3

AIBOX device

MDVR + Ai solution for Truck Picture4

Front view ADAS camera appearance

MDVR + Ai solution for Truck Picture5

Driver view DSMcamera appearance

MDVR + Ai solution for Truck Picture6

Wiring diagram

MDVR + Ai solution for Truck Picture7

Installation scenario

MDVR + Ai solution for Truck Picture8

Installation for those large vehicles ( e.g. truck, bus)

MDVR + Ai solution for Truck Picture9

Installation for those small vehicles (e.g. taxi)

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