The importance of the vehicle security in modern society.

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Today, our daily life is getting more and more convenient benefit by the advance technology, especially in Mobile DVR industry, with the rapid expansion ICARVISIONS has become a super star which is concentrating on making Vehicle security solution and offering service for all of the world. A growing number of people are now considering to have a vehicle security system, which allows them toprevent the risk in advance. As you can see, ICARVISINOS MDVR has been used for School Bus, Public Bus, Truck, Taxi, etc.

The importance of the vehicle security in modern society. Picture1

Over the past decade, it has been observed that the Mobile DVR has taken place of the normal GPS and become a major Vehicle Surveillance system. However, it is interesting to note that even in modern society, where some of company and persons have not drawn enough attention to use a Mobile DVR system for managing their fleet.

Speaking of the vehicle security (Mobile DVR/NVR) supplier, ICARVISIONS will be the first company come to my mind without any doubt. The convenience transportation also brings us a huge safety hazards,it forces us to review the importance of the vehicle security, such as:

1, Overloading for long-distance Bus and Truck: 

For the long-distance bus carrying passengers and truck carrying goods,the risk prevention is becoming important.If there is not a surveillance system inside, that will be very dangerous for company management, there is not any efficient method to deal with theaccident dispute or customer complainwhich your normallife has been completely disrupted.

2, Fatigue driving for long-distance transportation:

Driver fatigue causes thousands of road accidents each year. Drivers who do not get enough sleep and start the daily work or night shift for long-distance transportation, it will be not only cause the road accident, but also to bear a huge economic compensation, to face criminal penalties and the physical suffering.

How to prevent it by a suitable way? ICARVISIONS Mobile DVR can be the best system to keep the bad thing from happening, for example: the driver’s face and eyes can be detected in real time, the alarm will be sent to Monitoring Center automatically and constantly for any abnormal situation of the driver, so the management can make the timely scheduling.

3, Taxi security service:

The Taxi service is one of the most common activity in our regular life, to the maximum extent to ensure the safety of the driver, to prevent the violence, to help passengers retrieve the missing items, to monitor driver behavior, it’s significant important to install a Mobile DVR system for all Taxi.

With ICARVISIONS Mobile DVR system, the driver and passenger’s face and action can be recorded in real time day and night, the visual evidence can be reviewed by Judge or Police when accident occurs. 

Do what you are best at. ICARVISIONS would love to help all of you to build a suitable vehicle security solution, keep your family being safe and happy, protect our next generation, it’s highly recommended everyone to pay more attention to ICARVISIONS, which is one of the best and biggest Mobile DVR supplier in China. So just enjoy every moment of your beautiful life.

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