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Taxi/e-hailing (referred as taxi in follow article) is one of the most important constituent parts of public transportation. The safety and fleet management of taxi has been the focus of almost any city in the world. Vehicle CCTV and IOT, is now most common technology used in public transportation which can bring customers many advantages, now ICARVISIONS has listed few reasons below


1. In case of HDD/SD error.

in the driving environment, SD cards and Hard disk on our Mobile-DVR can suffer from damage from vibration or not formatted on a regular basis. Fleets using a Mobile-DVR often only check when the worst scenario has happened or when vehicle has been involved in a serious incident, which can be too late. With a 3G/4G enabled Mobile DVR, the system will allow DVR send snapshot and footage once alarm been triggered as any issues can be quickly identified and resolved, the staff at monitoring center will able to arrange solution to driver or vehicle immediately. 

2. Anytime, any place

With our new web platform, the 3G/4G enabled DVR can be accessed anytime at any platforms. The Client running at web means you can access it at PC, Android, IOS and Mac. With the new state of art platform, user can check the real-time location of vehicle, track playback and footage playback, where user can also benefit all types of reports on web Client.

3. Safety of Taxi

The safety of taxi is vital for company and customer, as this is also the factory people try to solve in years. With in cab CCTV, all time HD recording will make sure noting will be missed during the journey and if any accident take place in the taxi the officer in monitoring center will be informed immediately by the alarms. Also, thank to the new technology, ADAS(Adaptive Driver Assistance Systems) has been used for transportation industry recently, such high-tech sensor will provide new automotive electronic safety systems, it can detect lane departure and road collision warranting, another sensor will monitor driver behaviour like smoking, making phone call and sleepy.

4. Footage

3G/4G enabled Mobile DVR (MDVR) can immediately uploads video footage following an accident where administrator has instant access. Video on demand also allows our customers to download footage remotely for any time period if, for example, a vehicle has been impounded by the police as part of an ongoing investigation.

5. Cost reduction

Every year, taxi company will spend lots of money on fleet safety, insurance and compensation, and MobileDVR(MDVR) produced by ICARVISIONS will create new system of vehicle surveillance which can enable the new horizon for money saving and better customer experience; because the footage can be used as law evidence and reduce potential compensation that taxi company has to pay, which can also led to better price from insurance company as Taxi with CCTV system will always gain better assessment from insurance company.Some customers may worry the investment on DVR, but the return of investment is much greater.

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