All in one monitoring solution for Cargo and Truck

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All in one monitoring solution for Cargo and Truck

Cargo and Truck have high demands on the CCTV market, and we are proud to present this 2021 award-winning monitoring solution.

For logistic and express company, they will face many claims associated with road safety each year, and vehicle telematics is the only effective way of disputing liability and challenging fraudulent as well as false and legal claims against those company. The vehicle telematics can significantly reduce legal and admin costs including play a vital role in alarm notification and emergency alarms to minimize claims costs.

DSM+ADAS escorts the driver's safety and minimizes the probability of traffic accidents. Eight high-definition cameras record video in real-time without any blind spots. The temperature sensor can detect the abnormal temperature of the cargo in time and alarm. The free and professional online platform for provides powerful support for fleet management and real-time monitoring, It can also enable intercom communication between the monitoring centre and drivers.

The main content of this video: 

1. the latest Cargo Logistic Solution; 

2. the core of system-AI Mobile DVR (JH8AN-HD); 

3. the introduction of DSM/ADAS/BSD cameras; 

4. other introduction-Driver Cab Camera, Rearview Camera, Inside Camera, Intercom, RFID Reader, Temperature Sensor (Cold Chain), 360 Degree Panorama;

5. Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS).

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