Icarvisions mobile NVR with built-in PoE

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In response to the rising demand for IP based vehicle video solutions, Icarvisions has launched its 4ch(up to 8ch) hybrid mobile NVR, JH4-Hybrid to strengthen its competitiveness for mobile surveillance market. But what is hybrid mobile NVR? A hybrid NVR is a combination of the mobile DVR and mobile NVR, which could work with both analogue cameras and IP cameras. Jh4-Hybrid is a compact yet functional hybrid mobile NVR.

1. Product photos

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Advantages of our JH4-Hybrid compared with mobile NVR from other companies: 4 ch PoE RJ45 port, no need switch for less than 5 IP cameras; with 4 PoE power supply function, no need additional power supply for IP cameras.

2. Product Features

User-friendly GUI providing easy and flexible operations.

Built-in optional 4G (FDD-LTE), 3G (WCDMA), and Wi-Fi.

Module providing flexible data transmission solutions.

Pluggable GPS (Global Positioning System) module precisely positioning the vehicle via the satellite and recording the location information in the video stream.

Each IP channel supports up to 1080P resolution.

One pluggable 2.5-inch HDD/SSD, adopting hard disk vibration damping technology.

Information collection interfaces collect driving information such as left/right turn, braking, reversing, etc.

Hard disk box with USB interface supports data export.

Built-in G-sensor detects and records acceleration speed information in 3-axial (X, Y,Z) directions.

Shutdown delay (0 h to 24 h) and 24hour scheduled startup/shutdown.

Wide-range power input (+8 VDC to +36 VDC).

Power-off protection prevents key data loss.

Software-based firewall supported.

Connecting with the PTZ camera and PTZ control is supported.

Support accessing via a WEB browser.

3. Design Principles

The actual design will follow the principles below:

Advanced ability: the whole system to maintain a certain advanced nature, the use of equipment and technology are adapting for future technological development.

Usability: the system performance is cost-effective, easy to maintain and easy to use.

Scalability: The system uses structured design, can suit for the increasing demand for further expansion. when the need for system expanse, simply increase the hardware device can be accomplished.

Compatibility: The entire system can run in different operating platforms and language environment, come with high compatibility.

Flexibility: the system constitutes a simple way, with flexible functional configuration, fully utilizes the use of existing equipment resources, and to meet the requirement of different types of customers.

Reliability: High system security and reliability, there is sufficient anti-interference capability.

Cost-effective: the system designed with outstanding equipment performance and the lowest system cost.

4. What’s the difference between a mobile DVR and mobile NVR?

The biggest difference between mobile NVR and mobile DVR is the cameras and cabling they use. A mobile network video recorder (MNVR) records IP cameras via Ethernet cables, while a mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) records analogue cameras via coaxial cables.

That's to say, the mobile NVR is for IP camera recording and the mobile DVR is for analogue or coax-based camera recording.

Differences Between mobile NVR and mobile DVR


Full   Form


Transmission   Cables

Mobile   NVR

Mobile   Network Video Recorder

IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras

Ethernet   Cables

Mobile   DVR

Mobile   Digital Video Recorder

Analog   & Coax Based Cameras

Coax   Cables

5. Notice about mobile NVR

A. Mobile NVR surveillance systems do NOT use more bandwidth than the mobile DVR system.

Note that mobile NVR camera systems do NOT need the Internet to record and save footage.

The security systems will consume bandwidth only when you access it remotely via phone or PC software, which makes no difference between the mobile DVR and mobile NVR systems.

B. Buy mobile NVR and cameras from the same manufacturer to avoid compatibility issues.

Not all IP cameras will work with the mobile network video recorder (MNVR) from a certain brand. If you want to add more cameras or find a recorder for your cameras, remember to purchase from the same manufacturer to avoid compatibility issues.

C. If you are keen on WiFi mobile NVR camera systems, choose the one with the dual-band WiFi signal.

Due to the dependency on the Internet, the wireless mobile NVR may suffer a signal loss when you use other wireless electronic devices (like phones) at the same time. So choose a high-quality WiFi MNVR system that features dual-band boosted WiFi signal is the best option.

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