MOBILE DVR VEHICLE MDVR peripheral devices

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MDVR peripherals are auxiliary devices that are intended to be connected to MDVR and used.

Types of MDVR peripheral devices can be external or internal.

Examples of ICARVISIONS MDVR external peripherals include: passenger counter, intercom, audio pickup. fireproof black box, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), driver panic button, LED control panel, RFID reader, temperature sensor, ADAS/DSM and etc.

Examples of ICARVISIONS MDVR internal peripherals include: storage medium (HDD, SSD and SD card), GPS,3G/4G and Wifi modules.

Except that the internal peripherals such as HDD and SD card are built into the pre-designed slots, all external devices are connected to the MDVR in different manners, mainly in three categories: inherent connector of the MDVR (such as USB and RJ45 interface), I/O and RS232/RS 485 protocols.

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An overview of how ICARVISIONS MDVR peripherals are connected to the MDVR:

MDVR interface

UPS, fireproof black box


Panic button


ADAS( also RJ45), passenger counter, RFID reader


Audio pickup, temp sensor


Intercom, LED control panel, temp sensor

Peripherals connect to the MDVR through RS232/RS485 usually requires integration. In addition to those devices listed above, we have integrated various external devices to the MDVR to meet custom requirements from our customer, thanks to the expertise of R&D team.

Let us know if your project requires integration any peripherals to the MDVR.

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