What to do if power outage happens when you upgrade ICARVISIONS MDVR

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What to do if power outage happens when you upgrade ICARVISIONS MDVR Picture1

We are usually cautioned of not shutting down or cutting power during the upgrade for almost all electronic devices. And mobile DVR is not an exception. If a mobile DVR unfortunately lost power during the updating, the consequence is that it will stay on the upgrading page and seems like it almost impossible to access the GUI even if you tried restarting the system again and again.

Sounds frustrating. But don’t worry, ICARVISONS provides users an easy method to make the MDVR alive. That is, to burn the firmware on USB via MCU port of the MDVR.

Tools that will be required for the firmware burning include: a PC, LAN cables, USB to RS232 converter cable, MCU adapter and programs (SecureCRT and tftpd32 ).

Steps of burning the firmware.

Before programming:

1. To install the Command Line Tool “SecureCRT”, and run the SecureCRTPortable.exe;

2. Port option:[computer management] – [device manager] , you will see the port [COM & LPT]

Start to program:

1. To power up the MDVR, first enter “CTRL+C” at the serial port page and then u-boot;

2. To connect the LAN cable to the MDVR, and connect to the LAN ( the MDVR and the programming PC should be in the same local area network)

3. To use remote control composite key to close the watch-dog: 8+F3+F1+Auto// repeat it 3-4 times, in order to close the watch-dog

4. Then set up MDVR network parameter:      //normally to set up once

setenv gatewayip  //gateway setup

setenv ipaddr  // IP address setup, be aware not to conflict with in other IP in the LAN

setenv netmask   //mask setup

setenv serverip // to config it as your TFTP server’s IP, normally it should be the IP of your PC.

5. sa  //save the config

6. printenv  //view the parameter

7. To open tftpd32.exe

To set the home directory of tftp as:X:\tftp(normally it should be the directory where the Flash is)

8. To program with 32M,input the command on the serial port page:

mw.b 0x82000000 ff 0x2000000;tftp 0x82000000 JH8S_flash_T18063001.img;

sf probe 0;sf erase 0 0x2000000;sf write 0x82000000 0 0x2000000

input the command according to the prompt:

9. Reset: after finishing the above steps, input “reset” command, then restart the MDVR.

It’s an easy DIY method to fix upgrade failure caused by power outage, and you just need follow the above steps.

If you have any further questions or you may need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact ICARVISOINS team.

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