Single 4ch SD Card Mobile DVR only weight 0.45 kg

Single 4ch SD Card Mobile DVR only weight 0.45 kg Picture1

Model:JS1A (GPS+4G+WIFI optional)

Single SD Card MDVR – JS1A

Product Features:

  • Support H.265/H.264 image compression coding

  • Support 4 channels 1080P/960P/720P AHD analog audio and video + 1 channel 1080P IPC camera input

  • Air video interface is used to provide high reliability and strong anti-seismic property

  • Built-in 3G/4G network, GPS, WiFi (optional)

  • Power-off protection technology, it can still work for a few seconds after cutting off the external power supply to prevent accidental damage to video files

  • 1 SD cards supported, up to 256 GB

  • USB Mouse for easy configuration

  • Support 1 CVBS video output

  • Good scalability, 1 RS232 interfaces

  • Support 4 alarm inputs, 1 alarm outputs

  • Built-in 3/6-axis acceleration sensor G-Senor

  • Good shock resistance, easy installation, 360° installation supported

  • 8V-36V wide voltage DC supply, 12V POE power supply supported

  • Operating temperature range: -25℃ + 75℃

Single 4ch SD Card Mobile DVR only weight 0.45 kg Picture2

Product Specification

Function JS1A
System Language English  / Chinese
Operation Interface Graphical User Interface(OSD menu)
Password Security 2 Levels: Administrator & User
Video Video  Input

Support 4 channels 1080P AHD / 960P AHD / 720P AHD / 960H + 1 channel IPC (720P /1080P) Video input

Note: (4x15 fps) 4-CH 1080P AHD + 1-CH 720P/1080P IPC Video input

          (4x15 fps) 4-CH 1080P AHD camera Video input

Video Output 1 Channels (Rear Panel on 12 pin I/O&AV-OUT Port )
Video Display Single picture, 1~5 pictures
Signal System PAL / NTSC ( PAL@100 frame 720P/sec; NTSC@120 frame 720P/sec )
Image Compression
Audio Audio  Input 4 Channels
Audio Output 1 Channels ( Rear Panel on 12 pin I/O&AV-OUT Port )
Record Format Synchronized  A/V recording
Recording & Storage Image  Resolution CIF / HD1 / D1 / 960H / 720P /1080Poptional
Video Coding ISO14496-10  Industry Standard
Video Bit Rate CIF:  1536Kbps ~ 128Kbps,
HD1/D1: 2048Kbps ~ 400Kbps,
960H: 2048Kbps ~ 400Kbps,
720P:4096Kbps ~ 400Kbps
1080P:4096Kbps ~ 400Kbps
Select from 8 Levels of Video Image Quality ranging from 1(Highest) to 8(Lowest)
Audio Bit Rate 128 Kbps
Storage 1 SD Card Slot, Up to 256GB each, Class 10 or higher
Alarm Alarm  Input 4 Channels, Select Trigger for either less than 1VDC or greater than 5VDC
Alarm Output 1 Channel, 12V output
Communication Ports RS232 1 Port for communication or data usage
RJ45 Network 1 Port of RJ45(100M Ethernet port), For connection to an IP camera with maximum of 1080P
USB 1 Port for USB 2.0, download video files & upgrade firmware
Wireless Communication* 3G/4G* Supported(Choose either 4G or WIFI)
Wi-Fi* Internal Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac optional(Choose either 4G or WIFI)
GPS* Int'l  Standard GPS Internal GPS module. Real-time geographic coordinates, speed information
G-Sensor Internal  G-Sensor * Support 6 axis Gyroscope (G-Sensor), support crash detection, and other detection like harsh breaking, acceleration and cornering
Software PC  Playback A/V, GPS, Mapview, Speed, G-Sensor, etc. files available for playback on PC. Limited  playback is also available on MDVR
IVMS Wireless  (require Wi-Fi or cellular Option)  real-time A/V monitoring, GPS, alarms, etc.
Software Upgrade Local  or Remotely Upgrade through SD card or remotely  via IVMS platform
Voltage Input +8~+36V 8~36VDC Please check operational voltage of  vehicle prior to the installation of the MDVR and its accessories to prevent  possible damage
Voltage Output 12V 12V(+/-0.2V),Max 3A
ACC Detection ≤8.5V Power-off
≥9V Power-on
Video Input Resistance 75Ω 75Ω
Video Output Voltage 2Vp-p 2VP-P CVBS output analog signal, screen input requires 75Ω resistance
I / O Port <1V Low voltage trigger
>5V High voltage trigger
Operational Temperature -25℃ ~ 75℃ Install  in well ventilated area, protected from moisture, heat, dust and vibration
Dimensions 136*119.2*35.6mm with mounting brackets 160*119.2*35.6mm

Product Description

JS1A is a 4ch SD card high-definition Mobile Digital Video Recorder.

With a new design concept, JS1A will provide you with the most cost-efficient size and new case design, and it only weight 0.45 kg.

Single 4ch SD Card Mobile DVR only weight 0.45 kg Picture3

It can be widely used in mobile car environments with strong vibrations. Applicable to Taxi, Bus, Logistics Vehicles, Coach Bus, School Bus, Police Car, Cash Carrier, Fuel Tanker, etc.

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Order model

  • with 3G / 4G, GPS, WiFi modules optional, according to different demands.

  • GPS: For map, location and route tracking

  • 3G / 4G: For real-time video and monitoring

  • Wi-Fi: For automatically downloading video file

  • Order Model Description ( Module optional )
    JS2-HD-NNN Recording Only

    Our rugged, high quality mobile DVRs are ideal for monitoring a wide range of vehicles:

    It’s designed for various vehicles management, and widely used in buses, coaches, car, construction machinery, taxis, lorries, fire trucks, ambulances, passenger vehicles, etc.

    Our rugged, high quality mobile DVRs are ideal for monitoring a wide range of vehicles:car,ambulance,police-car,School Bus,taxi,truck,etc.

    Spec Sheet Download

  • Title Type Download
    JS1A SD Mobile DVR Spec Sheet pdf

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