The popularity of 4 channel mobile DVR in Global Market

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Nowadays, the role of 4 channel Mobile DVR as a global topic is vitally important, with the economic growth, the government is strongly promoting to cover it into vehicle surveillance field, such as public transportation service, truck, police car, bus, school bus, Taxi, etc.

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There is ample evidence that the majority institution and company has also joined this activity for protecting their property and assets. For example, school bus transportation is provided to students who live within the attendance area of the school, with the 4 channel mobile DVR system, you can keep a close eye on the behaviour of students and drivers, while always having footage available if there are disputes between both parties. Logistic Transportation is provided to deliver the customers products and keep the supply chain functioning, the mobile DVR system will notify the monitor centre if there is any driver fatigue alarm triggered, in this case, the management could dispatch a new driver for delivering to ensure the safety. Since a lot of goods need to be delivered every single day, it can handle different matters in advance by using the 4 channel mobile DVR system.

It is also important to realize that the use of technology is capable of protecting people’s life and avoid any potential troubles. On the software side, it can be turned off the engine or the gas remotely when the car was stolen by someone else, meanwhile, people can follow the GPS route to find it. This is the best example of using technology to meet the customer’s needs. Due to the powerful strength in software development, ICAR can also provide a mobile application and web platform to see the live video and vehicle location in real-time easily and friendly. On the other hardware side, the additional components can be customized based on the standard version for the different customer requirements, for example: to add an additional capacitor to delay power off the recording to protect the data when the vehicle was suddenly stopped or power off, to add 2 different modules(GPS&GOLONASS) in order to receive accurate GPS positioning during the international transportation.

In terms of the cost, the consumers can buy a Mobile DVR system with an affordable price for managing such brilliant functions. The 4 channel mobile DVR is specially designed for mobile surveillance, protect your car from accidents, insurance claims, staged accidents, out of court settlements. It’s also used as a mobile recording solution and it available with 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi functionality for remote access via Andriod/iPhone App. The users can enjoy the silence and reduce the administrative cost.

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It would be no exaggeration to say that the 4 channel mobile DVR can be widely used for all kind of car, people will always feel better, safer, more optimistic and less afraid when the vehicle and fleet are on the way. Welcome to inquiry ICAR Team to receive the best car surveillance solution, we are waiting for you.

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